About us

Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd. has four main Centers; Training; Project; Youth and International Center, out of which one is the responsible for providing full training service. Currently, our institution is an accredited adult educational provider, specialized in competency based training. We offer courses in the field of innovation development, IT, entrepreneurship, youth development, social networking, talent development, volunteering, sports, train-the-trainer and non-formal educational courses. We work with 20 trainers, youth workers, experts in our network all specialized in certain fields of their activity. Our trainers are "EU Multiplicator" accredited and all possess university degrees and speak foreign languages. We are members of "Energ Cluster", "Talent Network", "Volunteer Network" -which allows us to have access to multiple target groups.

We have great experience in organizing and pilot testing e-educational programs, hosting on-line seminars, workshops and conferences and have direct access to the target groups. Our cross-regional network with schools, municipalities, chamber of commerce, universities, training institutions, social homes, elderly homes and other target groups allow us to distribute project related information to over 300 national institutions quickly and sufficiently through our dissemination channels (newsletter, website, personal contact). Our staff members are motivated and are used to working in an inter-cultural environment. We have also participated in Leonardo da Vinci projects, therefore, we have experience in hosting meetings and conducting project management tasks as well. Several European level projects were/are managed by the organization, such as "Handbook for e-work promotion", "SME's e-learn to e-work efficiently", "Inclass-Intercultural Communication", all under the LLP Program.