Innovation center

Objectives of the Innovation Center: In line with the objectives of the European Union, the Center's objective is to promote the development of state-of-the-art science, technology and information technology along the Lisbon Strategy; developing and disseminating advanced strategic materials and research methods to increase the number of students and graduates in these areas.

Our organization wants to support economic  sector actors with complex consulting services that help organizations at a different stage of development receive tailor-made support to their needs.


  • Strengthening the growth potential of innovative enterprises and preparing them for exporting products and services
  • Supporting research activities by introducing Social Media Analytics, full text anayltics solutions,
  • Promoting the utilization of R & D results and the competitive appearance of competitive products
  • Creation of Innovation Clusters and Innovation Cluster Network and R & D & I cooperation
  • Supporting innovation activities based on international cooperation that promote the development of new or significantly improved, high-value, marketable products, services and technologies that are of high value added to foreign markets.
  • To promote international co-operation in the promotion of renewable energies,
  • Supporting international network connections for clusters.


Many companies have recognized that analyzing conversations and posts in social media can lead to a better understanding of the customers' thoughts and wills, but they are constantly troubled by the handling, storage, and analysis of tens of millions of data. Every business seeks and wants social media to help with their commercial goals.

However, in order to gain business benefits from social media, companies need not only monitor these conversations but need to use expert analysis and understand the importance of these analyzes, which can be considered the most up-to-date business intelligence. Clients using social networking sites can interact with their posts on each product through their reactions to marketing campaigns, and as comments are recorded, they can be analyzed. Participants 'activities and the content they generate are a huge mass of data that can be used to track and understand current trends and buyers' attitudes and moods.

Our services:

  • Supporting the creation and implementation of a complex, unique Social Media Strategy
  • Identify social media monitoring and analytics requirements tailored to your organization's needs
  • Designing, selecting, customizing and setting up a suitable Platform
  • Target market analysis, compilation of continuous reports and decision preparation materials
  • Preparation of a team of experts, knowledge transfer
  • Full support, maintenance and troubleshooting